Redd | Paul Carroll

Art Shorts present:
Redd | Paul Carroll

22–26 March 2021

Studio 12 exhibition/projects space, First Floor Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay, Cork T12 E26D.
The artist in conversation with Chris Moody. Tuesday 23 March, 1pm.
In association with Cork Harbour Festival 2020.
This event forms part of the 2020 Art Shorts programme at Backwater Artists Group. Launched as part of Backwater’s 30th Anniversary Programme this new addition to the annual calendar consists of a series of week-long occupancies of the Studio 12 exhibition/project space, with a variety of outputs and public events.
Further details below.
The day the keyboard died, Paul Carroll, 2019
Redd is a new series by photographer Paul Carroll that explores how people and communities in Ireland interact with a selection of the 70000km of waterways contained within the 3192 inland water bodies on the island. It captures people’s oft-times adverse interaction within the water environs resulting in a dream like transient series of images of everyday items.
On Saturday the 23 May 1pm Paul Carroll will be joined in conversation by Chris Moody, a local activist, cartoonist and photographer who is known for promoting biodiversity of urban waterways as well as documenting the demise of the River Bride in Blackpool where he lives.
The main focus of Paul Carroll’s photography practice is the intersection between Irish communities, their surroundings and the environment. This approach led him to question the unique ways in which these communities interact with the Irish landscape throughout the 32 counties on the island. Between 2009 and 2016, travelling 50000kms, he focused on capturing grassroots Gaelic games, the communities where they are played and their surroundings. The resulting photobook and series Gaelic Fields has been exhibited nationally and internationally. It was the focus of a solo show in coordination with PhotoIreland/The Library project, Dublin in 2018. Later that year it featured in a group show in The Gallery Of Photography in Dublin. The book was also nominated for the Mack First Book Award in 2018 by the director of The Gallery of Photography after being selected as The Irish Times editors choice photobook of the year in 2017. It has been exhibited internationally at the prestigious Photobook week Aarhus in Denmark in 2017 and at the Lodz Fotofestival in Poland in 2019.
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