In The Making | Carolyn Collier

Art Shorts present:

In The Making | Carolyn Collier

Studio 12 exhibition/projects space, First Floor Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay, Cork T12 E26D.

Open studio/performative presentation of work

2–5 March 2021

Further details below.

Art Shorts is a new programme of week-long occupancies of the Studio 12 exhibition/project space at Backwater Artists Group. The annual call-out will accept proposals from Post-graduate art researchers and practitioners. Art Shorts has been launched as part of the Backwater 30 year anniversary programme.

Carolyn Collier is an artist working with installation, performance, video and photography. She is currently a PhD candidate in Creative practice with UCC and Artist in Residence with Cork Film Centre.

The research questions within her current practice include:

  • How can a focus on the process of performance-making bring a transparency to the relationship of perception and fine art?
  • What aspects of the structural experience within performance work support this perception?
  • To what extent can our awareness of image consciousness within a performance enhance our aesthetic experience of the work?

Performance work can help us comprehend the very nature of experience itself because within performance we are in the room with the performer,we share the same space,we can see, feel and hear the same sounds and objects. Artworks have the capacity to record the human experience, including aspects of the lived experience that reference space, time and movement, an observation of time unfolding. Collier believes that performance work can do this in a most particular way.

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