Cassandra & Megan Eustace | Stubborn Bitch Awkward Cow: The Drawing Clinic 2018

April/May 2018

Drawing can communicate an idea, question the visible, and be a memory. It is a language of feeling and emotion. The Eustace’s have been drawing all their lives; they refused to read until they had to. For them communication was only visual.  Megan and Cassandra both teach drawing at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design and The Glucksman Gallery respectively.
“We love looking at drawings, talking about them and making them. So on Friday 4th May we will be opening a Drawing Clinic. The Studio 12 door will be open, so please come by and show us your drawing. Chat two on one about your drawing – maybe you have a query about your drawing and maybe we have an answer. No doodle is overlooked and no question to big or to small.”
You can book a time slot between 11am – 2pm on the door of Studio 12 or just turn up and the twins will see you one by one asap.
email to book

Stubborn Bitch Awkward Cow, Angelic Twin Selfless Other, 2017, 210 x 297mm, acrylic paint, ink, mixed media. The Eustace’s.

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