Join our darkroom


Backwater Artists Group welcomes submissions from photographers and lens-based artists who have need of a darkroom facility and/or a digital production facility each year. Submissions will be assessed and scored by the BAG Darkroom Sub-Committee, on the following criteria:

25% darkroom experience
25% suitability of art/photography practice
35% Supporting documentation / cv / portfolio material
15% adherence to submission guidelines


The darkroom will be accessed by approximately 8 users per year not including course attendees. In addition to the three associate users the facility will also be accessible to all studio members (when relevant, occasional.

All darkroom usage will be booked using a shared calendar. Each user will have a set quota of time per month, which must be entered into the timetable one week in advance or earlier. Regular slots are advisable. Associate users will be granted 12 hours per week (2 x 6 hour slots). Access to the darkroom is dependent upon induction; proof of the ability to work safely and independently and under the condition that failure to comply with safety standards may result in suspension or termination of access.


There will be a charge of €45 per month. Associate users will provide their own materials and chemicals. Storage and disposal of chemicals will be included.


The next Darkroom Open Call will be in June 2020. Please email for more details.

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