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Backwater Artists Group are committed to supporting emerging artists through our Bursary and Post Graduate Programmes. Each year we provide graduates of the Crawford College of Art & Design with one Ciarán Langford Memorial Bursary and facilitate two Crawford College of Art & Design Paint Store Bursaries. We have been providing these awards since 1990 and over 100 artists have benefited from there provision.

Backwater Artists Group Ciáran Langford Memorial Bursary Award

Ciarán Langford (1964-1997) was an artist and valued member of Backwater Artists Group during the 1990s. He played an active part on the steering committee in those formative years. In 1992 whilst the studios were based in Pine Street it was decided to award two bursaries each year to graduates from CCAD, the first award of that kind in Cork. On moving to our permanent home at Wandesford Quay in 1999 Backwater Artists Group commemorated Ciarán’s life and work by renaming the award The Ciarán Langford Memorial Bursary.

What we provide:

  • full use of a studio for 6 months from October to March
  • full access to Backwater’s facilities including darkroom, digital suite, woodwork room, equipment hire, exhibition/project space
  • an solo exhibition opportunity in our Studio 12 exhibition space or other venue to include technical support, artists fee and PR support. Please note: new work must be produced for this exhibition.
  • mentorship from a relevant art professional

How to apply:

The deadline for applicants is usually the end of May. Please check back to this page or contact the backwater office for more information at

Backwater Studios Graduate Residency Award

This Graduate Residency Award Scheme provides an opportunity for graduating students to continue and advance their practice, educational opportunities and/or career options. This residency, awarded by the CIT Crawford College of Art & Design (CCAD), provides the successful applicant with studio space in Backwater Artists Group Studios (see photos below) for 9 months and access to CCAD library in return for assistance in CCAD Materials Shop (5 hours per week).

The successful candidate will have a demonstrated ability to operate independently. They may be required to assume a level of responsibility in the operation of the shop so should have initiative, a responsible attitude and good communication skills.

The selection is based on a written proposal (outlining how the residency would be used to advance the candidates practice, educational and/or career options) and proven experience and level of competence in given discipline. The selection panel comprises lecturing and technical staff of CCAD.

What’s provided:

  • full use of a studio for 6 months from October to March
  • full access to Backwater’s facilities including darkroom, digital suite, woodwork room, equipment hire, exhibition/project space

How to apply:

Please contact CCAD admin office by email at for the application form and further details. Please put ‘Graduate Residency Application’ in subject line. The deadline is usually in late May just before the CCAD degree show.

List of previous CLM Bursary recipients:

2019: Padraic Barrett, Painting/Mixed Media, Oct’19 – Jun’20

2018: Sarah Long, Painting, Oct’18 – Mar’19

2017: Klaudia Olszynska, Sculpture, Sept’17 – Feb’18

2016: Linda Young, Painted/Mixed Media, Sept ’16 – Feb’17, Rachel Mankze, Sculpture, Sept ’16 – Feb’17, Lean Corbett, Sculpture, Sept ’16 – Feb’17

2015: Cillian Moynihan, Painting, Sept’15 – Feb’16, Lynn Marie Dennehy, Sculpture, Sept’15 – Mar’16

2014: Roisin Foley, Sculpture, Sept’14 – Feb’15, Deirdre Hurley, Painting, Sept’14 – Feb’15

2013: Susan O’Leary, Painting, Nov’13 – Feb’14, Cliodhna O’Riordan, Sculpture, Sept’13 – Feb’14, KateŘina HlavÁČovÁ, Painting, Sept’13 – Oct’13

2012: Cassandra Eustace, Painting, Sept’12 – Feb’13, Sophie Behal, Sculpture, Sept’12 – Feb’13

2011: Richard Forrest, Sculpture, Sept’11 – Jan’12, Helen Lynch, Painting, Sept’11 – Jan’12

2010: Feargal Cunningham, Sculpture, Sept’10 – Feb’11, Molly Anna King, Painting, Dec’10 – May’11

2009: William Lawlor, Sculpture, Sept’09 – Feb’10, Alannah Byrne, Painting, Sept’09 – Feb’10

2008: Tanya O’Keeffe, Sculpture, Sept’08 – Feb’09, Eveleen Murphy, Painting, Sept’08 – Feb’09

2007: Brían Crotty, Sculpture, Sept’07 – Feb’08, Niamh Davis, Painting, Sept’07 – Feb’08

2006: Aisling Smyth, Sculpture, Sept’06 – Feb’07, Tessa Power, Painting, Oct’06 – Mar’07

2005: Stephanie Hough, Sculpture, Sept’05 – Feb’06, Wendie Young, Painting, Sept’05 – Feb’06

2004: Vivienne Griffin, Sculpture, Sept’04 – Feb’05, Aidan Crotty, Painting, Sept’04 – Feb’05

2003: Síle O’Brien, Painting, Sept’03 – Feb’04

2002: Phillipa Kennedy, Painting, Sept’02 – Feb’03, Lorraine Neeson, Sculpture, Sept ’02 – Feb’03

2001: Brendan Butler, Painting, Sept ’01 – Feb’02, Niamh Hurley, Sculpture, Sept ’01 – Feb’02

2000: Tamzyn De Rohan-Truba, Sculpture, Aug’01, Cliff Dolliver, Painting, Mar’01 – Aug’01, Hazel Forrester, Sculpture, Mar’01 – July’01

1999: Rosemary Guiney, Painting, Sept ’99 – Feb’00: Sarah Kelleher, Sculpture, Sept ’99 – Feb’00

List of previous Graduate Residency recipients:

2019: Luke Hickey, Painting, Oct’19 – Jun’20, Siobhan Barrett, Painting, Oct’19 – Jun’20

2018: Katrina Tracuma, Painting, Mar’19 – Jun’19, Eamon Casey, Painting, Oct’18 – Jun’ 19, Anne May Tabb, Painting, Oct’18 – Feb’ 19

2017: Gerard O’Callaghan, Painting, Oct’16 – Jun’17, Elaine Quigley Ahern, Painting, Oct’16 – Jun’17

2016: Pauline Gibbons , Painting, Oct’15 – Jun’16, Killian Dwyer, Painting, Oct’15 – Jun’16

2015: Femke Vandenberg, Painting, Oct’14 – May’15, Billy Dante , Painting, Oct’14 – Jun’15

2014: Helen O’Donovan, Painting, Oct’13 – Jun’14, Diarmuid O’Sullivan, Painting, Oct’13 – Jun’14

2013: Tracy Fitzgerald, Painting, Oct’12 – Jun’13, John Kent, Painting, Oct’12 – Jun’13

2012: Ray Llewellyn, Painting, Oct’11 – Jun’12, Lana Shucks, Painting, Oct’11 – Jun’12

2011: Brigid Delahunty, Painting, Oct’10 – Jun’11, Laura Healy , Painting, Oct’10 – Jun’1

2010: Elizabeth O’Callaghan, Painting, Oct’09 – Jun’10, Aoife O’Brien , Painting, Oct’09 – Jun’10

2009: Amanda Rice, Painting, Oct’08 – June’09, Elayne O’Connor, Painting, Oct’08 – June’09

2008: Donal Moloney, Painting, Oct’07 – June’08, Eva Maher, Painting, Oct’07 – June’08

2007: Mark Whelan, Painting, Oct’06 – June’07, Siobhán Grace, Painting, Oct’06 – June’07

2006: Sharon McCarthy, Painting, Oct’05 – June’06, Janet Ellis, Painting, Oct’05 – June’06

2005: Susan Holland, Painting, Oct’04 – June’05, Emma Sweeney, Painting, Oct’04 – June’05

2004: Helena Tobin, Painting, Oct’03 – June’04, Eamonn O’Callaghan, Painting, Oct’03 – June’04

2003: Kieran Moore, Painting, Oct’02 – June’03, Lynda Loughnane, Painting, Oct’02 – June’03

2002: Brian Harte, Painting, Oct’01 – June’02, Colm Rooney, Painting, Oct’01 – June’02

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