Édaein Samuels

“Type 1 Diabetes is a balancing act, monitoring food intake, blood glucose levels and injections. Insulin and needles are my constant companions. Pricking my fingers, testing blood sugars and injecting with every meal is ritual threaded throughout daily life. Making photograms is a technical practice providing often unexpected subtleties which relate well to the complexities of Diabetes management.

I am a Cork born artist and a recent graduate of Crawford College of Art and Design with a Ba(HONS) in Contemporary Applied Art. My practice currently focuses on Expanded Photography and Digitally printed textiles.

At present, I am exploring Type 1 Diabetes. It has become a big part of my life since being diagnosed in 2013 and to a certain extent I am still coming to terms with the illness which is helped by responding to it through making. My work often has a playful, experimental feel to it due to a process-led approach to the development and realisation of concepts.

The aesthetic of my work is located somewhere between the medical and the everyday, drawing on data from my blood glucose management, I give a nod to medical and scientific style of presentation (samples and specimens) while also using mundane objects to convey a more human, personal experience.

Past work has involved observations of society, particularly in relation to digitalization and our
detachment from our surroundings due to hand held communication technology. These ideas have been explored through Digital Machine Embroidery while on placement in Cardiff Metropolitan University in 2017 as well as through the media of glass and printmaking.”



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