Susanne Leuteneger

Born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, Susanne Leutenegger graduated in Fine Art from the Crawford College of Art in Cork in 1987 and then established herself as an artist and co-founder of an artists’ collective in Oldenburg, North Germany. She has lived in Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Germany and returned to Cork in 1994 where she holds a studio and is a member of the Board of the Backwater Artists Group, Wandesford Quay, Cork City. She is a founder member of Arthaven Gallery in Crosshaven.

Susanne also teaches art, including a course on ‘How to draw on the right side of the brain’. In recent years Susanne has established herself as a Feldenkrais teacher and awareness of movement flows into her artistic practice. Over the years her art work has received international recognition and has been exhibited and is in art collections in Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy. Her most recent solo exhibition was in Berlin (2017).

For Susanne painting is a process of making: “There is a variety of materials and experimenting with different approaches; mixing pigments with earth, plaster or marble dust, rolling and embossing clay, carving, cutting and reassembling pieces of paintings on paper, squeezing and trailing paint. There is a physicality and a playfulness to this making through which I aim to express inner states of being. A painting can be a glimpse of life in movement, like the moment when a plant that has turned inwards is ready to unfurl outwards. I wonder how a state of balance can be achieved when I try to capture and keep fluidity of movement so that it may hold the shape and bravely face into the wind. I let colours intuitively spread their wings and sing a song which is energetic and patient, lucid and brave, dreamy and opaque. My art is about moments of life in motion.”


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