Séan Hanrahan

Séan Hanrahan graduated with a degree in Fine Art Printmaking from the Limerick School of Art and Design Ireland in 2005. He lives and works in Cork city, Ireland. Recent projects/exhibitions include the 2018 188th RHA open submission exhibition, Dublin. Hermione 18 invited Artist curated by Aisling Prior Alexandra College, Dublin. Over the Sun (Kazimir Malevich his Legacy and influence on Western Artists) Selected and organized by Séan Hanrahan, Participating artists Séan Hanrahan IRE. Dominic Fee IRE. Josh Dannin U.S.A. V.C.C.A (Centre for Contemporary and Modern Art) Vitebsk, Belarus June/July 2015. Night Frightens the Day/Калі ноч палохае дзень VCCA (Centre for Contemporary and Modern Art) Minsk, Belarus June/July 2015.

Sean Hanrahan creates work in order to interact with the viewer by means of trying to make us aware of what we see and perceive is not fixed or limited by boundaries.

Website: www.xhanrahan.com

email: xhanrahan@gmail.com

Instagram: @xhanrahanart  @qphotoseries


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