Pascal Ungerer

“I have an interdisciplinary art practice and work with a wide range of media, though my work over the past two years has been focused on mixed media and oil painting. My thematic interests are primarily concerned with spatial cultures in the context of peripherality, social history and geo-politics – with an emphasis on place memory and the built environment. I have a particular interest in marginal habitats which are obsolete or dysfunctional and don’t fit into conventional socio-geographic norms, such as areas of post-industrialisation, contested border regions, ecological issues, and rural de-population. My work often examines the in-between spaces that lie at the intersection of the urban and rural. This liminal terrain, which is often overlooked, has become the focal point for much of my recent work, where I have responded to these marginal habitats with a unique blend of mixed media painting – augmenting the strange and ethereal qualities many of these places have. In some of my new work I have tried to develop and transpose these ideas into a rural context. Through my new painting work I try and expose or unearth some of the dark and foreboding qualities the Irish landscape has – something that is at odds with traditional notions of the pastoral or idyllic landscape that often predominates the rural narrative of the ‘picturesque’. I am interested in unusual structures or topographies as well as places that have a storied history, of loss, migration, destitution or dereliction which lie in the rural hinterlands throughout Ireland, uncovering an ‘otherness’ to this sometimes bleak terrain in the context of contemporary landscape culture.”

Pascal Ungerer is a visual artist originally from West Cork. In 2019 he relocated to Ireland having spent 3 years in London where he completed a fully funded MFA in Fine Art at Goldsmiths University. He has exhibited and screened his work throughout Europe most recently at Blackburn Museum and Gallery, Roman Road Gallery London, LOOP Festival Barcelona and CICA Museum in South Korea. He works primarily with paint but has an interdisciplinary art practice with a background in lens based media, he also works with sound and text. He is currently doing a 12 month project residency at Backwater artist studios.

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