Lynn Marie Dennehy

Lynn-Marie Dennehy’s research-based practice employs sculpture, printmaking and performance with influences from philosophy, sociology and Greek mythology. By viewing Greek and Roman sculpture/architecture as an appropriated symbol of institutional authority, she investigates ways of looking at history that neutralise the agendas and strategies of the institution, leaving a space for new ideas and perspectives that exist independent of politics and power relations. Taking screengrabs of Greek and Roman sculptures and blowing them up to actual size, her work highlights the precarious way in which we receive information. Undisguised supports, pixilation from enlargement and warped perspectives reveal the making process, allowing the viewer a break or pause in which to question the fragility of pre-existing truths. Cardboard sculptures, monumental prints, concrete and plywood structures stand alongside precious bronze casts that, in turn, hide their humble beginnings as roughly carved Styrofoam, creating contradictions and conflict both within the objects themselves and the space they occupy. Ephemeral and mundane materials oscillate between union and discord creating an interstitial space for these objects to inhabit. Dennehy’s work reimagines Michel Foucault’s heterotopic spaces, creating instead ‘heterotopic objects’, objects that exist in a state of contradiction, that act as an interruption between representation and objective truth. Through a process of manipulation and reappropriation the aim is to undermine our historical and emotional connection to the pristine white marble column/statue. Dennehy creates playful but pointed spatial assemblages that explore the cultural influences and implications of a hegemonic society.

Lynn-Marie Dennehy is a visual artist, living and working in Cork City, Ireland. She received a first-class honours MA in Art and Process in 2018 and a first-class honours BA in Fine Art in 2015 from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork. She is a member of the National Sculpture Factory, Cork Printmakers and a citizen in the ‘State of Print’. In 2018, she worked on the steering committee and later as project assistant on Iron R 18, an international ironcasting project with The National Sculpture Factory. Recent exhibitions include ‘Naked Truth: The Nude in Irish Art’, Crawford Art Gallery, Cork; ‘Future Marginalia’, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork; ‘Fantasy of The Good Life’, St Lukes, Cork City, and ‘State of Print’, travelling exhibition.

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