John Kent


I’m fascinated by the concept of duality and dissonance. My work consists of addition and subtraction, layering and stripping back and conveying this duality. The very act of applying and then removing paint is bipolar in nature, parts of the outer layer of painting gives way to an epidermal layer which creates a contrast and an abstracted dialogue. I feel a sense of dissonance from this aspect of my work. Through the repetition of a painting process, a pattern emerges and while changing the variables creates a vastly different picture, they remain related throughout. I have many creative and personal agendas in making this work, but the creation of an innate resonance with the viewer is what drives me. I want to create art that is accessible, subjective and open to interpretation. Some of these work aesthetically better than others, but both are of equal importance.”

In 2012 John graduated from CCAD and was awarded a bursary in the form of a residency at the Backwater Artist Group. He has since has showcased his work in four Solo exhibitions around and has participated in numerous Solo exhibitions across Ireland.

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