Cassandra Eustace

“Drawing makes light visible and while my work is underpinned by a variety of drawing processes it is the invisible that interests me. The interstice between what is real and what we perceive as real creates a space of unknown possibility, or the ultimate retreat from those patterned behaviours that can lead to mental and physical restlessness, unnamed stress, depression. This gap, this possibility of the kairotic or opportune moment can subvert the cultural mantras such as ‘doing is better than being’ or appearances need to adhere to a preferential hierarchy.

The deliberate layering and covering over in my work points to those gaps where one is not defined by what has occurred before, only informed by it. The meditative gestures, the transparency of the materials or the unfamiliarity of the objects, allows for a less defined sense of what is known. Perhaps in this reinvention the possibility of a meeting space between impermanence and revelation can be experienced and become the refuge that it is.”

Eustace graduated in 2014 with first class MA in Arts and Process from the Crawford College of Art and Design and BA First Class Hons in Fine Art from CCAD, 2012. Awarded the Barry Moloney Student of the year, and The Ciarán Langford Memorial Prize and CIT Artsfest Prize. Solo exhibition, Of Light and Structure James Barry Gallery, 2012.  Selected group exhibitions; The Infinite Line (A Search for the Unknown), TACTIC, 2014, INDIVISIBLE, Cork Film Center 2014, 2015 Silver part 2. Backwater Artists Group, Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford, 2016 Affective Entities, CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery, 2017 ‘elsewhere’ CIT Wandesford Quay, 2018  Eustace’s Drawing Clinic: Stubborn Bitch, Awkward Cow with Megan Eustace, Studio12, BAG, 2018 Interiors and other Landscapes, Sternview Galley, 2018 Le Strade Secondarie, San Pietro in Atrio, Como Italy. Eustace also teaches drawing part time at the Lewis Glucksman Gallery and Expressive Sensory drawing sessions in and around Cork.

instagram: @cassandreustace
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