Stephen Doyle

Stephen Doyle is an emerging visual artist from Cork, Ireland. He is a recent graduate of CIT Crawford College of Art and Design. Doyle’s work references queer identity and queer culture through drawing, painting, and instillation. Representing sexual identity and orientation has become the foundation of his practice.

His graduate exhibition in 2017 discussed queer cultures co-existence with heteronormality.  The show was well received as Stephen Fry and Rory O’ Neill (aka Panti Bliss) quoted the show as “tragically necessary” and “impressive“. Stephen received the ‘Student of the Year’ Award from CIT Crawford College of Art & Design and was awarded the Backwater Studios Graduate Residency Award.

Since graduating he has debuted in his first solo exhibition, ‘Alt Masc’ in the Lavit Gallery. This show challenged societies perception of the male role. The work featured a spectrum of queer men redefining the boundaries of the male identity. The individuals included in the figurative painting series are empowering an alternative version of man by embracing femininity.  Sean Kissane, the Curator of exhibitions at Irish Museum of Modern Art was the guest speaker at the opening stating, “Stephen Doyle’s work takes the contemporary concerns of his generation – and using the traditional medium of portraiture has brought it right up to date and made it relevant to all of us.”


Instagram ‘stephendoyleart’
Twitter: ‘@doyle56doyle’




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