Natasha Pike

“Lucretius states in his prose Of the Nature of Things that all matter is perpetually raining down. I believe this force of substance is requiring a moment of our attention. The work is driven by an exploration of matter, played out here in the dynamic between the painted surface and made object. A set of abstract encounters between humble materials are established using painted or raw, stretched or un-stretched canvas, simple fabrics, cement, and wire. This staged encounter is a function of formal decisions I make around the qualities of the raw material, colour, surface, texture, weight, scale and line. I do not overly transform these materials but rather give an allowance for balancing the interacting physical matter of them. There is a vital materiality to each object and painted surface, and in organising them into assemblage they take on a new agency together, capturing the energy of their form in new containment. In Jane Bennett’s Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things, she discusses the participation of human and non-human forces, the interconnected moving along together of all matter, a mutual absorption in living and an ecology of difference. These ideas influence the installation of the work I make, becoming a set of conditions for holding a spatiality open, a space for attention, and claiming an aesthetic language through a poetic framework.”

Natasha Pike is an emerging artist working in abstract painting, made object, and drawing. She recently completed the Masters in Art & Process at CIT Crawford College of Art and Design with first-class honours and her work being shortlisted for the RDS Visual Art Awards, 2020. She  was also recipient of the Lismore Castle Arts graduate award exhibition, 2020. In 2019, she participated in Art and Politics Summer School at IMMA, Dublin. She has been awarded residencies in Berlin (working and exhibiting there from 2014-17), Barcelona, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Cill Rialaig Project, and shortlisted for CCI Paris 2019. Exhibitions of note include ‘Push, 2019’, MA:AP, ‘Lost in the chaos, 2016’ and “Tonight there is no God, 2018’ at Origin Gallery, Dublin. Group show selection for Rua Red Open, and Doswell Gallery, with work in the OPW collection. /


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