Ita Freeney

“An atmosphere, a quietness, and a minimal aesthetic have always been characteristics of my paintings. My prime interest is in the subtle transitions between different areas of tone, light and muted colours achieved through the use of light applications of paint. Originally a painter of pure abstract works, I have over the years looked more and more to reality and distilled this into my work. A few years back, I moved to an area on the border/edge of city and country. Views from my studio and observations from nearby day trips inspired me. Industrial buildings became receptacles for light, forms emerged and disappeared in and out of the grey blue surround. Horizontal bands of sky, sea and land which featured in older works also appear in this series, seen now with varying degrees of detail within them. The prominence of airy, tones of sea and sky are contrasted and anchored by more graphic, vertical urban motifs. The paintings are about this contrast between air and solid ground, the natural and urban, the lyrical and hard edged,. They are also just as importantly about the atmosphere and the explorations of tone, form, a reduced palette and divisions of the picture surface. “ Ita Freeney – 2019

Born Dublin 1971, Ita Freeney graduated from Crawford College of Art and Design with a degree in Fine Art (1994) and is currently based in Cork. She has had solo shows at the Lavit Gallery, Cork; Paul Kane Gallery, Dublin; Fenton Gallery, Cork; Belltable Arts Centre, Limerick and the CIT. 2016 saw her stepping back from the gallery work she has been involved with over the years, reducing her hours to focus more on her own practice. A member of the Backwater Artists for many years, she now works from an independent studio. Her work is in the collections of the Crawford Municipal Gallery, Cork, The OPW, Cork County Council, UCC, the Department of Finance and the Dental Hospital, Dublin.

Instagram: @itafreeney
Facebook: @itafreeneyartist

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