Eamonn B. Shanahan

“While there are copious political, spiritual and social narratives that can be explored and discovered within the work; it an internal, emotive entity that is examined in each painting. Each painting is created without direct preconception but with a compound memory of personal experiences, art, text and music. Throughout the work questions or subconscious realisations of pure feeling of our own being and those who we encounter prevail. The omnipresent, ambiguous identities and their relationships change with each new encounter you have with each work, providing a live theatricality that is resonant to your own journey. “ Eamonn B. Shanahan – 2019

IRISH Artist, Eamonn B(rendan) Shanahan is a native of Thurles, Co. Tipperary. After four years of study at the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork, Eamonn moved to London to pursue Creative Production at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in 2015. As an advocate of creativity, he has endorsed the same through his work in theatre as a director, designer, visual artist and educator. As a curator Eamonn has curated for artists including Joe Lee, Sean Hillen, Bernadette Kiely, Vukasin Nedeljkovic and John Keating. Among other galleries, he has exhibited within a group and as a solo artist at the Crawford Art College, Alliance Francaise, Cork Film Centre, The Source Arts Centre and Lismore Castle. As a practicing and commercial artist, Eamonn continues to use photography, film, painting and multi-media/graphic design.

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