Éadaoin Glynn

“I am interested in our emotional response and connection with place. We carry our memories of place and land within us. I am influenced by Irish mythology, poetry and the significance of place, land and sea.  Story and place are an intrinsic part of both the Irish oral and literary tradition.  For me, language and painting are interconnected. I write words and phrases on my studio ceiling that are inspired by the act of painting. My titles have gradually become longer. Sometimes they turn into short verses, sitting side by side with the paintings that inspired them. I start with an idea, an image or a memory, abstracted from what inspires me in nature, from what I see, feel and remember. I move intuitively between different media, responding to the tactile materiality of paint. I love working with the vast beauty of paint in all its media and pigments. I love its colours and its versatility. I love how paint can be fluid, glistening and transparent as it drips, flows and pools, yet also thick, dense and opaque, obliterating what lies beneath.”

Unable to decide between a place in art college or in UCC to study literature, Éadaoin tossed a coin which landed for UCC. Following a M.A. in French literature and a D.B.S. in Business, she worked for theatre companies and in business, living in Paris, London and Dublin before returning to Cork and to her art practice.  She is self-taught and paints exuberant, abstract expressionist paintings, which explore the connection between memory and place.   Éadaoin’s work was selected for the cover of Murze art magazine in 2019 who called it “beautiful, emotive and bold, creating layers of colour and detail that visualise memories and trigger an emotional response with the viewer.” She has exhibited in Ireland and online, most recently in the Cultural Irish Arts Center, L.A. Her work is in private collections in Ireland, UK and Europe. She lives with her husband, three children and two dogs in Douglas, Cork where she paints from her attic studio.

Instagram: @eadaoinglynn

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