Cara Brophy

“My practice utilises painting and drawing to explore themes around the fragmented concept of home in contemporary society. Architectural house plans and glossy publications are embedded with notions of domestic perfection. Encouraging idealised spaces that sometimes veil reality they can offer a utopian myth of home, which is often unattainable. Kazimir Malevich’s revolutionary approach to abstract art informs my work. Unveiling Suprematism in 1915, his paintings carried a suggestion of infinite space. Utopian aspirations of modernism developed with abstraction forming the horizon to progress. Within my work the language of geometric abstraction emerges from the layout and design of domestic spaces. Shapes and structures float through the fluid nature of the paint. A facade of perfection is suspended and gradually assimilates so that real and illusionary visions collide. My work hopes to pose questions to the viewer around themes of home while encouraging them to challenge their perception of domestic space.”

Cara Brophy is a graduate of CIT Crawford College of Art & Design, BA (Hons) Fine Art (2018). Prior to this she lived abroad for many years and completed a Diploma in Photography at Edinburgh College (2005). Cara currently works from her studio in West Cork.

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