Anna Barden

Anna Barden painted horses for about 15 years but has widened her practise in the last 10 or so years to include embroidery, ceramics, drawing and text-based work. She makes distinct series of inter-related works.

“Insomniac, I woke once to hear Whiteys on the Moon. Assailed by white guilt, I then remembered I was neither a man and nor had I been to the moon. It led me to count the minority groups to which I do belong. The result is Enraged Embroidery. And on the topic of embroidery itself: it’s heart grindingly slow. Someone once asked why I did not abandon it. Yes. Indeed. But why, when I can listen to the radio, embroider and plot a revolution? One where beauty and visual things are valued.” Anna Barden on Enraged Embroidery.

Instagram @barden_anna

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