How to become a member 
We are an artist-led studio group whose aims are to improve the working conditions and support structures for visual artists and also to act as a vital information point for artists with regard to issues that affect their professional practice. On our premises on Wandesford Quay we have a total of 29 studio spaces; 6 studios in our sculpture building and 23 studios for painting and mixed media. Of this amount 1 sculpture and 3 painting/mixed media studios are available for short term project based letting and the remaining 25 studios are for full time members. To become a full time member of Backwater Artists Group you must be a full time professional practising artist. Contact BAG office for further details. 

The criteria for membership is: (a) The artist must be willing to commit time to the activities of the group and use the studio space. (b) Allocation of spaces is conditional on a proven need for working studio space. (c) The Artist is a Professional Practising Artist. (d) Availability of studio space.

Download Application form shortapplication Pdf  or shortapplication Doc

Members Facilities 
Along with having a heated well lit studio space, members have access to other shared facilities which include: The computer room which has three Macs with internet and Digital imaging facilities, a library containing art books and newsletters with information on opportunities and upcoming exhibitions etc.,woodwork facilities including a mitre press and an under pinner for making frames and stretchers, a darkroom facility for black and white developing with various size enlarger trays, a camera, a tripod, a slide projector, a slide duplicator and a data projector. The sculpture block has a high roof for the creation of large size artworks. Also provided is an opportunity to participate in Backwater Artists Group activities, i.e. touring exhibitions locally, nationally and internationally and being a member also offers artists the chance to pool and discuss ideas with other professional artists.


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